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We provide a broad and diverse personal injury practice. We represent clients in the St. Cloud area and the Minneapolis - St. Paul area in a wide range of personal injury matters, including cases involving:

Train Accidents

In any accident involving a train, there is vital evidence that could disappear quickly. Further, there are experts that work exclusively in this area that must be contacted and confirmed to ensure that all bases are covered. These cases require not only a skilled litigator, but a law firm that has worked through this process. Immediate investigation, consultation and action is imperative.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

When someone is hit by a car and are on foot or on a bicycle, the results can be devastating. These accidents can involve complicated insurance issues. Almost always, they are governed by statutes that vary depending upon the facts of the incident. A knowledgeable law firm that has worked in this area can not only be helpful, but is imperative in ensuring that these cases are investigated properly and all bases are covered.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injuries are sometimes the most overlooked injury. Often, it requires sound and extensive medical care and deal with multiple insurance coverage issues. A skilled law firm with not only the educational experience, but also the ability to fully litigate all the issues is imperative.

Dog Bites

There is a special section of the law dealing with injuries from dogs. These cases require a law firm with the experience and the ability to make sure that all angles are covered. Further, it can involve insurance issues to make sure the maximum recovery is obtained.

Medical Malpractice

This is an area of law that requires prompt attention and help from a trained legal advisor. The legal advisor has to be able to deal with not only the insurance issues, but also the various medical questions involved. In each of these cases, time may be very limited. It is important the advice of an attorney is obtained as soon as possible. These cases also require the help of a knowledgeable medical expert. It is essential that all issues are dealt with as soon as possible.

Burn Injuries

Burns can be some of the most substantial, life threatening injuries that a person can suffer. Long-term effects are not only physical, but also psychological. It is important that the proper legal help is obtained to ensure that damages are fully understood and explained whether it be to an insurance adjuster or a jury.

Defective Products

Many times, the key to these cases are early investigation and finding the right expert to fully explain the problem to the adjuster or the jury. A law firm with a strong legal and practical background can make all the difference in the world. Immediate help is important to not only preserve the items, but to make sure all the proper investigation is done.

Dram Shop Claims

In Minnesota, it is illegal to sell a drink to someone that is obviously intoxicated, a minor or outside the law. These cases can also involve significant insurance coverage questions and/or knowledge above and beyond basic law. Hiring the right law firm for not only investigation, but for the maximizing of recovery is imperative.

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