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Justice for the Injured - Minnesota Monthly

Does Minnesota Need A ‘Good-Faith’ Law to Protect Residents From Insurance Hassles?

Justice for the Injured

Joe's Testimony at the Senate Committees
hearing on the I-35 Bridge Collapse

- Testimony begins at 6:17 into the recording

Mike has been involved in all types of Subrogation Issues as a lawyer

Making them answer, and sticking them to it

Minnesota Monthly Magazine - Trendsetters

Practical and Legal Issues after an Auto Death

Attorney Michael A Bryant Discusses
Wrongful Death Law (.wma)

"Minnesota Lawyer" Newspaper interviewed Joe for an article about Minor Settlements published January 8, 2006. If you're not a subscriber see the link below.

Same article, reprinted in the St. Louis Daily Record and St. Louis Countian and available to anyone.

2004 "Minnesota Lawyer" article on Expert Witnesses, reprinted in the Daily Record and the Kansas City Daily News-Press

Who Pays? - The Minnesota No-Fault Priorities Chart - Minnesota Trial Lawyer Winter 1995

What’s Up With State and Federal Subrogation Claims

Make Them Answer the Questions

Bringing the No-Fault Claim Representing the Plaintiff in No-Fault Hearings

Binding the UIM Carrier to Third Party High\Low

Abused, Misquoted and Misunderstood Chiropractic Standards

My Case Just Got Waddelled!, Or Did It?

Ultimate Guide to Motor Vehicle Accidents: 12 Short Shots


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