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Minnesota Computer Crimes Attorney

Because computer crimes are still relatively new, investigation, evidence and prosecution of these offenses are complex and often hard to do without violating a suspect’s constitutional rights. For this reason, anyone who has been accused of any type of computer crime is well advised to seek the expertise of a knowledgeable and experienced Minnesota criminal attorney.

Because few investigators are properly trained in the correct search and seizure methods for computers and internet files, many of the evidence in these trials cannot be admitted into court. In many other cases, the evidence does not conclusively prove the identity of the person accused of the crime. Just because something occurs on one person’s computer or internet connection does not actually mean that person is responsible for the illegal activity. Unfortunately, if your Minnesota criminal lawyer does not understand the technical details associated with these crimes, you could be convicted despite these facts.

There are thousands of crimes that can take place on the internet or a computer. Some of the crimes are old illegal activities performed in new ways –such as embezzlement or possession of child porn. Other computer crimes are entirely new, such as phishing and the spread of computer viruses. Regardless of the specific crime you are accused of, a Minnesota criminal attorney from Bradshaw and Bryant can help you fight any computer crime accusations you face.

When you have been accused of a computer crime, it is critical your defense has the experience and knowledge necessary to defend you against the charges. If you have been accused of any computer crime, please call our offices and schedule a consultation with a top Minnesota criminal lawyer.

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