Misdemeanors in Minnesota

Many people believe misdemeanors are too minor to do any harm to their future, so they do not take the charges seriously and refuse to spend time and effort selecting a premiere Minnesota criminal attorney. Unfortunately, these people are dead wrong. Misdemeanors can have a major impact on your future and result in very serious consequences.

At The Law Offices of Bradshaw and Bryant, we understand just how important a misdemeanor charge can be. For this reason, when you work with a Minnesota criminal lawyer from our firm, we can assure that he will always provide you with the utmost attention and the strongest possible defense for their case, no matter how serious the charges against them.

Even if misdemeanors are not as major as felonies, they can still leave you in jail for lengthy stretches of time, result in expensive fines and require you to spend time doing community service. In many cases, penalties will often also include license suspensions and mandatory education sessions in the area you were charged. The only way to fight these accusations is with a top Minnesota criminal lawyer who takes the charges as seriously as you do.

Our Minnesota Criminal Lawyer Has Experience Defending:

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your initial consultation with a top Minnesota criminal attorney, please call our offices today.

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