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Being convicted of a theft will not only affect your immediate future while you serve your sentence, but will haunt you throughout your life as you seek employment or housing. Whenever a background check is required, the reviewer’s perception of your honesty will immediately drop. It is for this reason that an experienced Minnesota criminal attorney is so very important in this type of case.

Our Minnesota Criminal Attorney Defends:

When you hire a Minnesota criminal lawyer from our firm, we will investigate every aspect of your arrest. In crimes of these types, the prosecution must prove you had the intent to steal. If you went to the grocery store, for example, and left the store with unpaid goods on the bottom shelf of your shopping cart, they must prove that the incident was more than an accident. Similarly, if you placed merchandise in your purse and were arrested before you got to the register, the state will have a difficult time showing you were not going to remove the item from your purse and pay for it at check out.

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In addition, your Minnesota criminal attorney will ensure your arrest was handled in a proper manner. Because many of these crimes are handled by security guards rather than police officers, there is a high likelihood that rights violations may have occurred during your arrest. If your constitutional rights were violated, evidence against you may be suppressed and your charges may be dropped all together.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Minnesota criminal lawyer, contact Bradshaw and Bradshaw today.

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