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Minnesota Airplane Accident Attorney

Commercial airplane accidents can entail a complex combination of overlapping legal jurisdictions and involve any number of potential misfeasors for purposes of assigning liability. At The Law Offices of Bradshaw and Bryant, our Minnesota airplane accident attorney teamaggressively represents individuals who have been injured in such airline incidents. Bradshaw & Bryant, PLLC is defined by our strong experience and award-winning talent. For 10 consecutive years, attorney Michael Bryant has been recognized as a SuperLawyer and has been named among Minnesota's Top 40 Personal Injury Lawyers by Minnesota Law & Politicsmagazine

Airline-related accidents can occur on board a plane or while onboarding or off boarding the aircraft. They can occur while traveling locally in the US or during the course of an international flight. In the case of international travel, jurisdiction for liability purposes is established under the protocols of the Montreal Accord, which defines the extent to which an airline may be held liable and how remedies may be pursued. In the case domestic travel within the US, federal aviation rules, and various state laws regarding negligent conduct and product liability will be brought into play.

Actionable incidents are not limited to plane crashes per se. As a “common carrier”, the airline is charged with the responsibility to utilize the most extreme measures of care on behalf of your safety. The margin for error here is very thin and any compromise of care is considered negligent. Luggage falling from overhead storage compartments, hot coffee spilled on passengers, and even unruly passengers who are not adequately restrained in their behavior can lend themselves to legal. In this age of terror threats at airports the venue for liability now extends even to the airport waiting rooms, lounges and corridors. Contract maintenance facilities, manufacturers of defective parts utilized in the airplane and an entire cross section of actors in the manufacturing and operational process of the aircraft may also have liability in the accident.

At The Law Offices of Bradshaw and Bryant,PLLC our Minnesota airplane accident attorney team is able to evaluate cases quickly and educate clients about their options after any type of accident involving aircraft. We maintain a close-knit network of aviation experts and medical specialists to determine the root cause of an accident and to evaluate the long-term impact of our client’s injuries on their lives. We make certain to recover all the costs of an aviation accident, including medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy expenses, cost of durable medical equipment and more. We aggressively pursue maximum payment for a client’s pain and suffering.If you or a loved one has been the victim of an airline accident our Minnesota airplane accident attorney team is at your disposal to provide you the best attorney representation available anywhere in the State. Contact us by e-mail or call 800.770.7008 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. Our phone line is answered 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.

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