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Have a Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney Go to School on a Negligent Administration

When you send your son or daughter (sometimes both) off to college, you typically have a little anxiety in your heart. Heck, you might even have to break out the box of tissues for you, perhaps them too.

That said one thing you’re not likely thinking about when your child steps on campus for the first time is he or she getting injured. Although the majority of students at any given campus come away each semester without any serious cuts or bruises, others are not so fortunate.

In the event your child has been injured on campus as a result of someone’s negligence, reach out to a Minnesota personal injury attorney.

He or she can guide you (and your child) as to what is the right way to proceed.

An Attorney Can Can Determine Fault in an Accident

When talking to a personal injury attorney in Minnesota, discuss the following:

  • Accident details – How was your son or daughter injured on campus? Was it another student or students involved in the negligence? On the other hand, were they injured in a slip or fall on campus, perhaps were struck by campus property? When the negligence falls to other individuals and/or an institution such as a college or university, retain a personal injury attorney;
  • Accident costs – Even if you have health insurance for your college age student, he or she could still wind up with a sizable medical bill depending on the scope of the injuries. In most cases, that bill will land in your lap, so don’t take it sitting down;
  • Accident repercussions – Finally, keep in mind how an accident on campus can lead to not only financial issues, but also physical ones. If your son or daughter is injured seriously, they may need to miss a fair amount of classwork. In turn, this can set them back as to staying up to speed with their class. You also do not want to see a semester’s tuition go down the drain due to the negligence of others.
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