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Have you been involved in a pedestrian accident in Minnesota?  You should know that as a pedestrian you have rights protected under the law.  If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident with a vehicle or otherwise, please contact our office today for a free case evaluation with our Minnesota accident attorney.

Pedestrian accidents can be totally devastation in terms of injuries and fatalities.  A pedestrian hit by an oncoming car can die instantly, or be left with serious injuries that will take many months and sometimes even years to heal from.

And what’s worse, many pedestrian accident victims find themselves fighting accusations that the pedestrian accident was their fault. An automobile driver may claim the accident was not his or her fault, or even drive off before you can speak to him or her about what just happened.

Our Minnesota accident attorney can help pedestrians that have been involved in accidents involving with:

Our Minnesota accident attorney represents victims injured in all types of pedestrian accidents, even when these cases are not clear as to who is at fault.  We can help you:

There is always a question about who pays the bills. The Minnesota No fault act provides the answer. An experienced trial lawyer will understand and help you with these questions. This is work we have been doing for many years. Contact our firm today for a free case evaluation with our Minnesota Accident Attorney.

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