Minnesota Pet Injuries Lawyer

A Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney By Your Side

For millions of people, the idea of owning a pet or two is something that brings a smile to their faces.

That said pets can be as unpredictable at times as the weather, especially if they are not yours.

If you’ve been injured by someone’s pet, will you bite back with a personal injury lawsuit? In the event you do, having the right Minnesota personal injury attorney by your side is important.

He or she can advise you of what options you might have to successfully go after a pet owner, even in cases where you may know and/or be friendly with the individual.

In a number of states, what are known as “dog bite statutes” come into play, meaning liability can be enforced against a pet owner minus fault.

Injuries Related to Pets Can Require a Minnesota Attorney

Keep in mind that an injury suffered as the result of a pet bite etc. can prove traumatic, especially if your child is the victim.

Your personal injury attorney in Minnesota will want to know such information as:

If you’re in need of a personal injury attorney following a pet incident, make that call today.


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